Onset Marketing is a Michigan marketing company that designs and develops professional business websites.

We make your website the focal point of your marketing program. Your website must look professional, convey a positive and differentiated message, drive targeted traffic to your site, and provide analytics to track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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We design and develop web sites and Internet marketing programs to provide your company a professional image and drive new business.  Our websites are built with:

  • Strong market positioning that builds credibility & trust
  • Clear content-rich value market messaging
  • Compelling design with easy navigational flow
  • Website traffic generation features
  • Sales lead generation features
  • Google Analytics

website-seo Yahoo_Ambassador_LogoWe use compelling visual design and content to amplify the values of your product and service offerings and reinforce your corporate branding. Our design style has clarity, organization and expression to connect with your audience.

You also benefit from:

Our expertise in search engine marketing to make your web site “findable” by your prospects

Our marketing-driven interactive designs and Internet programs to generate sales leads and new business.
What separates us from typical web site development companies?

We are a marketing company that develops web sites as part of an integrated marketing and sales program. Rather than only being skilled in the web site’s technical aspects, we use a balanced team approach to optimize the site’s image and business impact:

Internet Marketing SEO

Multi-Discipline Web Development Team

Strategic Marketer
Assesses core values, differentiators and integrated plan

Marketing copywriter
Creates concise, compelling content

Internet web developer
Focuses on the programming and technical aspects

Graphics artist
Concentrates on aesthetics, images and layout

Search engine marketer
Brings prospects to your site

Website Sales Leads

Over 25 years in industrial, commercial, retail, consumer and Internet marketing allows us to quickly and efficiently create outstanding brochure designs with eye-catching graphics and high-impact content.

Sales materials must quickly grab attention. Appearance and content make a huge difference in creating the right first impression––the impression that stays with the customer.

Internet marketing:

We provide professional Internet, online, web site and email marketing services. Several of our clients are on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and MSN search results pages. We combine natural and sponsored search methods to maximize your sales leads and opportunities.

Search Engine Marketing Overview
Business owners can use many marketing strategies to achieve their sales and profit goals but many are unaware of the power of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

What is Search Engine Marketing?
Search Engine Marketing is a range of techniques to improve the visibility of a website on search engines and directories so that it will attract visits from its target audience.
SEM includes:
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which involves preparing a website so that it will be ranked in the top results of a search engine for relevant search terms. Internet searchers typically only review the first one to two pages of search results, so achieving a high site ranking for relevant terms is essential for directing targeted traffic towards a site.
• Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which involves paying for inclusion on search engine pages. Usually you buy a position on the search page for a particular search term, and pay every time it generates a hit to your website.

Combining SEO with Pay-per-Click (PPC)
Search Engine Marketing is an effective brand builder. This branding effect is amplified through the combination of a high ranking in the natural search results together with pay-per-click ads. On most search engines, you have two unique opportunities to present your company and products/services for every search. By taking advantage of both opportunities, you can greatly increase your chances of being “first in mind,” at the time of the search and beyond.

Michigan SEO Company

Running an SEO Program
Setting up and managing an SEO program and PPC budget requires key word and competitor analysis, experimentation and careful monitoring. Few small businesses have the expertise or the resources to do this themselves. By working with Onset Marketing, you get a professionally run SEM program and the benefits of a web site that works as hard as you do.

We offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs that incorporate a top placement plan with Natural and Sponsored campaigns that will drive targeted traffic to your site. In addition, on a monthly basis, we continue to work on your website to maintain or enhance your site placement. We welcome you to join our growing list of satisfied clients who are enjoying top placements in Search Engines.

Why Choose Us for your website development and SEO project:

Being a full service Michigan business marketing company gives us a strategic perspective of your website and how to make it an effective component of your comprehensive marketing program.

Compelling market messaging is developed that builds upon your competitive differentiation and value proposition.  Your website becomes a focal point that feeds multiple aspects of your business marketing program.

Please give us a call and we can show you some examples on how to best build and structure your website as a critical centerpiece of your marketing program.     Phone:  248-596-9788    Email:  [email protected]

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