Onset Marketing is a Michigan company that provides strategic marketing and sales lead generation services focused on creating new sales opportunities and business for clients.

Onset Marketing helps business-to-business firms build presence in existing and new markets. We utilize integrated business telemarketing / multi-media sales lead generation tactics to deliver a continuous flow of qualified sales leads and sales appointments.

Many B2B companies rely heavily on referrals. This often is enough to sustain the business but not grow sales revenues. We use a structured cold calling process is convert generating sales leads from a reactive to a pro-active sales methodology.

The Onset Marketing process combines strategy, infrastructure and content to build brand awareness and generate sales leads. We follow a proprietary three-tiered approach to build a strong strategic marketing platform that drives qualified sales leads, provides detailed analytics, and optimal program performance.

Our top priority is delivering sustainable marketing programs that generate qualified sales leads and new business for our clients


Our value comes from our hybrid skills set – marketing allied with technology. Using marketing industry best practices we assist our clients in formulating and implementing focused, creative and disciplined marketing plans to:

  • Establish a strategic, structured marketing and sales program
  • Fill your sales pipeline with a continuous flow of qualified sales leads
  • Increase sales closing efficiency



“Onset Marketing took us from a reactive to a pro-active sales methodology. They are extremely responsive and results-driven.”
“Onset Marketing helped us increase our customer base and launch new services that doubled our company’s annual sales.”
“I highly recommend you work with Onset Marketing if you want to increase your business.”
“Onset Marketing continues to exceed all of our expectations.”
“I am extremely pleased with Onset Marketing’s performance.”


We focus on generating new sales opportunities. We use a holistic fast track approach to help companies diversify in new markets and build presence in existing markets. Our cold calling sales prospecting staff are experts at reaching senior decision makers to generate sales leads and schedule sales appointments for complex products and services. Our team has implemented hundreds of successful marketing programs that resulted in increased sales, profits and successful product lines.