We are a Michigan business B2B telemarketing company that generates qualified sales leads

We help manufacturing, engineering, technology, healthcare and insurance firms win new clients by providing a continuous flow of qualified sales leads and sales appointments.

Our business B2B telemarketing campaigns focus on:

  • Developing strong call messaging and highly targeted prospect lists
  • Generating highly qualified sales leads and sales appointments
  • Performing business customer surveys and market / competitor research
  • Using analytical tools to prioritize target markets and prospects


We identify the right business prospects and call approach that influence action. We perform integrated marketing that combines business telemarketing, email marketing and direct marketing to maximize results.

We pay personal attention to each campaign. We work directly with you to help acquire new clients and achieve profitable business growth.

B2B Marketing Plan

Why Choose Us:

Strategic, structured, streamlined approach

Educated, experienced callers. Including employment experience in business, industrial, engineering, process automation, plant operations, IT, healthcare, business insurance and consulting.

No calls from homes or overseas. Calling is performed in our Wixom, Michigan offices.

No bullpen calling – our callers each work in their own enclosed walled office. This eliminates background chatter to create a professional business call environment.

No call scripts. Instead we develop a direct understanding of your products and services and speak conversationally with prospects.

Extensive experience promoting complex products, services and solutions.

We deliver successful campaigns.
We utilize our experience, resources and metrics-based processes to be effective and are very pleased to have a growing list of repeat business clients.

Michigan B2B telemarketing company

Case Study: Telemarketing Sales Lead Generation

Case Study: Business Market Diversification

Please allow us the opportunity to discuss how we can generate sales leads for you.  Our contact info is (248) 596-9788    or    Email:  [email protected]

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